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Portolaconia Residence is a timeshare property.

What is Timeshare?
Timeshare allows you to buy one or more weeks of vacation in the residence. In this way, you will have a property for your holidays, but at an affordable price: you will not have to make an important financial commitment for buying a second home, but you can still have your home in the destination you prefer!

Why choose timeshare?
In addition to the economic issue, timeshare has other advantages.
Timeshare residences offer more spacious accommodation than classic hotels. They are equipped with more services and different facilities: in our residence, for example, you will have clothing stores, handicrafts, bars, ice cream parlors, tobacconists, supermarket. La Piazzetta, is the center of the village, where leisure and aggregation take place during the summer:evenings: children's entertainment, baby dance, live music, tributes to great artists, dance music, latin american, traditional dance. The goal of timeshare, and therefore also that of our residence, is to make you feel at home even if you live hundreds or thousands of miles from Tanca Manna.

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By filling this form we will send you the sales proposals received for the period you are interested in. You can therefore contact the Owners directly, as the Management does not engage in brokerage but, on the consent of the interested parties, only provides the data for them to process the sale directly.

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