Tanca Manna Historyback

Porto Laconia Residence: a story that starts in Veneto

A young impresario, endowed with great business experience and a passion for Sardinia, decides to go all over the island looking for a place to build a tourist residence. His experience as a builder - he has been building and selling apartments in Villafranca di Verona and Lake Garda for some time, already – convinces him that Sardinia could be a good investment in tourism: he only needs to find a suitable area.

From June to September 1972, he searches high and low all over the island, looking for the perfect place. He already has some knowledge of the island, due to a visit there, some months before, together with some friends. In fact, he is so struck by the beauty and genuineness of the island, that he decides to dedicate time and money in search of a suitable plot of land to buy. His search lasts a few months, until he comes across a large area in La Conia, near Cannigione.

Tanca Manna, which in the Sardinian language means big plot of land, becomes this new project, a new challenge and his new dream. He immediately commences negotiating with landowners; he forwards planning permission requests, and carries out all the procedures needed to begin work with architects and contractors. Finally, in 1980, the first apartments are consigned and the young entrepreneur's dream slowly takes shape.

What did he see in Tanca Manna? His main goal was to build a residence for tourists, so they could enjoy the sea and nature, without having to forfeit the convenience of being just a few kilometres away from towns with all amenities they could require.

In fact, the land purchased by his company is set in an excellent location: not far away from the airport and port of Olbia, near the towns of Arzachena and Palau, and a twenty-minute drive from Porto Cervo and Baia Sardinia.

What really triggered the purchase of that plot of land in particular though was the panorama: the hill above Tanca Manna, amidst the Mediterranean maquis and its marvellous view of the sea.

He achieved his dream and the dream of many holidaymakers who, every year, enjoy a breath-taking panorama from their apartment.